The mission at Carl Albert State College is to provide affordable, accessible and exceptional education that fosters student success.

The vision of Carl Albert State College is that its faculty and staff will provide an exemplary learning community by creating excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the area and enable students to achieve their aspirations and develop into successful participants in an ever-changing world.

As an instructor, I am committed to the mission and vision of the college. In the courses that I teach, I always keep students’ needs in mind. When planning a lesson or a discussion board activity, my goal is to present material that enables each student to succeed in a variety of ways.

In my Freshman Orientation (ORI 1111) courses, students are given the opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills, study skills, communication skills and academic research skills. Through educational opportunities and projects, each student is given the tools they need in order to succeed in my course(s) and in the community. 

I strive to keep up with the latest research and pedagogical best practices with regard to First-Year college students. I also contribute to academic blogs. 

Here is my latest blog contribution: http://blogging.snhu.edu/academics/2018/06/29/ofye-matters-self-efficacy/